Dawbis // Artist & Collector
Carmel, CA, USA

For custom work or just to say hi, email me at:
dawbis [at] gmail.com


@ Renegade SF

My name is Dawn, but many of you know me by the online moniker Dawbis. I am a self-taught artist who enjoys working with paper, preferably found and/or vintage ephemera. Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom raising one very determined little girl who keeps me way to busy for making things.  One day I hope to open up my own studio/shop and illustrate children's books.

Other tid-bits: I love to garden, jump in rain puddles, collect vintage paper, and drink vanilla lattes with my husband. I am the happiest when I am spending time with my family.

Lovely Paper

Oh and let me not forget to mention that I have been blogging, collecting paper and making art since 2001, changing blog addresses far too many times along the way. Lovely Paper is where I now keep track of all the little things in life that make me happy (or unhappy). Here you can enjoy my works of art and collection of paper. OH! and stories about my baby girl :)

If you are interested in purchasing my work, you may request a custom piece or find out more about how to trade with me here.

Some of my favorite artists include Edward Gorey, Anke Weckmann, Jen Corace,  and Timothy Karpinski.

Thank you for stopping by!