Friday, February 10, 2012

Busy Busy

Fun times

It's been a bit quiet around here, hasn't it?  At least, it feels that way to me.  Besides playing with Sofia all day and running her back and forth between toddler classes, I have been busy "working" again.  I have plans to leave this space in six months or less.  I have a new website and blog in the works, but since I'm not a graphic designer and cannot afford to have a professional work on my site it will take me some time to finish it. I will be sure to share that site address you when I feel more confident that it is presentable.  If you're really good with searches, you just might find it before then ;)

I apologize if this space gets a little neglected in the meantime.  I'm just too excited about this that I am thinking of nothing else!

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  1. Who is this sweet girl?:) I feel such a big desire to kiss her cheek! It's so nice that you have new, exciting plans to think about, but Sofia is number one, isn't she?:)))
    Did you like and contact the bloggers I proposed you? If not, I could send you another addresses.


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